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2016 Winner - Ukraine
2015 Winner - Sweden
2012 Winner - Sweden

Video: Video

Oooooo, Ooo Ooooo
I like it

Are you ready for a little chat?
And a song about the Internet
It’s the story of a social door
You’ve never seen before

If you want to be seen by everyone
Wanna be in the dream and have some fun
If you wanna be on the hook
Simply take a look

Uh, oh, oh
Everybody loves you so
Oo, oo, Uh, oh, oh
Everybody that you know

Do you wanna be more than just a friend?
Do you wanna play cyber-sex again?
If you wanna come to my house
Then click me with your mouse

Hello, Oo, uh, oh, oh
Never gonna let you go
You’re logging in
Then it begins
And your computer is swinging
And taking your time away

The sin is right
For a socialite
You’re on the Internet
Anywhere, anytime, night and day

Oo, Ooo, uh, oh, oh,
Everybody loves you so
Uh, oh, oh, oh
Never gonna let you go

So you wanna make love with me?
Am I really your cup of tea?
Are you really the one
That you

Uh, oh, Uh, oh, oh
Everybody loves you so
Social network uh oh,
Never gonna let you go

You’re logging in
With just a friend
But soon the Internet’s beepin’ in
beeping around the bend

We use to greet
Friends on the street
But now it’s Googling, giggling, gaggling right for me

Ee, ee, uh, oh, oh
How about a little chat?
Uh, oh, oh network fans
Meet you on the Internet!

Do you really like politics?
When I talk about voodoo tricks
Are you really a sex-machine?
Or just a beauty queen?

Everybody is better than before
Everybody is calling out for more
Everybody is cybering,
Knocking on your door

Ee, Ee, uh, oh, oh
Everybody loves a show
Ooo ooo oh oh
If you like it click and go

Do you know that it’s instant loggin in
For the rhythm and finding cyber sin.
Wanna find out what this books about?
Then how bout press log out?

Ooo Oooo oh oh
Now I’ve got a million friends
Goodbye network fans
This is how the story ends