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Jade Ewen
Singer: Jade Ewen
Year: 2009
Country: United Kingdom
Song: It's My Time
Rank: 5
Point: 173

There are few singers able to transcend beyond the TV show that made their name. But for Jade Ewen the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will be the springboard for her success. Regardless of whether she wins in Moscow this May, Jade’s incredible talent ensures her a fantastic future in the music industry.

As Ewen, 21, so effortlessly proved during the four weeks of the selection process in the United Kingdom, Eurovision: Your Country Needs You, she is one of the finest vocalists the United Kingdom has produced in years. With the technical prowess of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey , the classical timelessness of Diana Ross and the eternal cool of Donna Summer, Jade’s forthcoming solo album will deliver classic pop ballads with edgy electro R&B.

Combining an outstanding vocal performance with cutting-edge choreography and melody-driven singles, Jade will embody the current mood in music, credible cool with a mainstream twist. Smart, stylish and extraordinarily gifted, the determined Ewen has the talent, the tenacity and the team behind her to become one of 2009’s most successful singers. Born and raised in Plaistow, East London to a Jamaican mother and British/ Sicilian father, Jade had a challenging childhood. Her dad is blind and her mum suffers from Myasthenia Gravis, leaving her partially bind and deaf. Yet being the primary carer to her parents and two younger siblings has given Jade a pragmatic, ambitious outlook on life. Since a 3 year-old singing in her grandma’s garden, Jade has systematically set her sights on turning her musical dreams into reality. With both parents unable to work and existing on disability benefits, money was far from flowing in the Ewen household.

Approached by a drama school who recognised her potential, Jade practiced and rehearsed relentlessly in order to win one of the precious few scholarships on offer. As a teenage attendee of Sylvia Young Theatre School, she appeared in The Bill, Casualty and Mr. Harvey Lights A Candle, before perfecting her onstage skills in The Lion King. A gifted singer and dancer, Jade had a brief spell in the girl group Trinity Stone, before going solo. Despite being unsigned at the time, acclaimed producer Kwame (Missy/ Mary J. Blige), was so impressed with the music he heard on Jade's MySpace, he invited her to record with him in New York. A few months later, and Jade was approached about the Eurovision Song Contest. Initially unsure of what to expect, all doubts were cast aside when she learnt that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren were involved. Her dazzling performance of Warren and Lloyd Webber’s It’s My Time in the final week saw Jade storm the voting polls to be crowned as Great Britain’s representative in Moscow this May. While the Eurovision Song Contest is her immediate focus, there's a solo career to also consider. Performing It’s My Time in Moscow alongside Lloyd Webber is just the first note in Jade’s musical lifeline. “I see Eurovision as the beginning of the rest of my professional life,” decides Jade. “You’re seeing the start of a 20, 30 year career.” As the song goes, now is Jade’s Time and she’s not letting go of it. Today Eurovision. Tomorrow, the rest of the world…