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Patricia Kaas
Singer: Patricia Kaas
Year: 2009
Country: France
Song: Et s'il fallait le faire
Rank: 8
Point: 107

Patricia Kaas began singing at just eight years old and has never stopped singing since. Her charm and charisma have made her one of the top 10 French personalities for over 20 years now.

Thanks to her strong presence, personality and voice , Patricia Kaas is one the most popular French singers and an ambassador of the French culture well beyond France's borders. She has sold over 16 million albums worldwide to date.She has toured in more than 47 countries, performing in front of millions of people all over Europe and also as far afield as the USA, Middle East, China and all of Asia.During the European tour of her new Kabaret show, Patricia Kaas will defend the French colours in front of over 160 million viewers when she participates in the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in May 2009.In December 2008, Patricia received two of the most prestigious Russian music prizes for her contribution as a bridge between the two cultures of French and Russian.