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Niels Brinck
Singer: Niels Brinck
Year: 2009
Country: Denmark
Song: Believe Again
Rank: 13
Point: 74

Brinck won the Danish national selection with Believe Again, a song about rediscovering your faith in love. It was written by Ireland’s Ronan Keating (former member of Boyzone) and Denmark’s DeeKay (Lars Halvor Jensen & Martin M. Larsson) and is performed by Brinck.


Born and raised in the Danish city of Århus, Brinck has been drawn to music his whole life, first as a songwriter, then as a producer and now as a singer whose debut album Brinck was a Top 10 hit last year.

"Originally, I didn’t see myself – or have enough faith in myself – as a singer. But then I started getting all this positive feedback on the songwriter material I was sending off with me doing the demo vocals: "That’s a cool tune, but who’s doing those power vocals?!"" Brinck explains.

He moved to Copenhagen four years ago and, in addition to writing and producing, has been working on developing his vocal skills. After spending some time at the Music Conservatory and trying out other avenues, he found himself more and more attracted to the challenge of performing and to the role of the vocalist. So when he finally made his debut with In The End I Started as the theme song to the Danish detective series "Anna Pihl" (second and third seasons), people were taking note of his interesting composition style and his voice – which comes across as both powerful and fragile and displays a rare charisma.

Coinciding with Brinck’s entry in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest national selection, his debut album Brinck was re-released on the 2nd of February. Three new songs were added to the album, including Believe Again.

Brinck’s album is full of modern-sounding pop songs that convey an astonishing range of emotions, from deep sensitivity and sentimentality to raw insistence and even outright desperation.

Facts time!Believe Again reached number one on iTunes, the Download chart and Danish National Radio’s Tjeklisten chart, and reached number five on the Top 100 airplay chartBelieve Again single went gold and platinum in the downloads categoryThe album went gold in Denmark and been on the Top 20 chart for monthsSo far, the album has produced three Top 20 hits: Believe Again, In The End I Started and I Don’t Wanna Love Her – and there’s still more to come!Brinck and his band will play more than 30 concerts in Denmark this summer