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Krassimir Avramov
Singer: Krassimir Avramov
Year: 2009
Country: Bulgaria
Song: Illusion
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Krassimir was born in the small Bulgarian town of Sliven, but later on moved to Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, where he studied and worked. Therefore, Krassimir has the modesty of a small- town boy combined with a big-city spirit for success.

A graduate of the National Academy for Theatrical and Film Arts (NATFIZ), he trained in pantomime under the guidance of the famous Professor Vassil Indzhev. But Krassimir, being blessed with a very rare and unique male voice, the tenor-altino, could not stay silent for long. His 1997 debut album, Silent Voices topped the pop charts in Bulgaria. One year later Krassimir’s journey would continue in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, California.At the 2005 L.A. Music Awards, Krassimir received an honor previously bestowed upon such music notables as Gwen Stefani, Korn and Black-Eyed Peas: he won Superstar of the Year for his 2005 album Popera. Krassimir celebrated with a standing-room solo concert at Hollywood’s home of the Oscars, the prestigious Kodak Theatre. The audience gathered at the venue witnessed his bending and blending of musical genres – a synergy of classical and pop music called “popera.” According to an old saying, one is defined by the company he keeps. Therefore, it is important to note that in December 2008, Krassimir is featured in the album The Best Pop-Opera 2009, Volume 2 alongside pop opera virtuosos like Jose Carreras and Mario Frangoulis. Krassimir’s song Memories was selected for the pilot single in the prestigious album.