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Alex Swings Oscar Sings!
Singer: Alex Swings Oscar Sings!
Year: 2009
Country: Germany
Song: Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
Rank: 20
Point: 35

An unknown force in the music industry is definitely not the way to describe Alex Christensen. DJ, producer, composer, BMI AND ECHO award winner along with other diverse award nominations are some of the titles Mr. Christensen holds under his belt.

Alex Christensen

With his Groundbreaking idea for the song Das Boot in 1991 in a Techno version, Alex revolutionized the techno music scene by making techno, chart compatible. Das Boot became number 1 on the charts in more than 22 countries worldwide and was number 1 on the German charts for 13 weeks (at that time holding the record for the 2nd longest number 1 chart position). With U96 Alex sold more than 15 million records.

Alex was also featured alongside Christina Appelgate and James Marshall in the film Cyberman. Adding acting to his many diversified talents. Alex has disc jockeyed alongwith DJ icons including Sven Väth, Westbam, and Moby worldwide.As a producer, from the 1990’s to now he has produced for artists including Right Said Fred, Marky Mark, Jose Carreras, Paul Anka, Tom Jones, Michael Bolton, N’Sync, U96, ATC, Sarah Brightman, Natasha Thomas, Rollergirl, Yvonne Catterfeld, Fady Maalouf and Udo Lindenberg.

With the band BROSIS (winners of the German Series Popstars) Alex served on the shows jury and produced a single for the band that sold 800,000 units in only 2 days time. Adding to Alex’s impressive credits, his single for ATC Around the World was Germany’s most heavily rotated radio single, since he was beaten by Kylie Minogue.

Following Alex’s fifth number one single with Du hast den schönsten Arsch der Welt and album Euphorie he has stayed true to his signature style, mixing dance music and German text. Alex C. featuring” Yass” has proven to be a hit in Germany and Europe wide.

Alex has proven that his combination of German text and Eurodance is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.Alex’s musical spectrum encompasses the entire span of Dance and techno music. With the success of his production work on two of Paul Anka’s albums, including duets with Michael Bublé and Sammy Davis Junior , Rock Swings was nominated for a Grammy,and achieved double platinum status. For Michael Bolton (two time Grammy winner, four time nominee for best pop/vocal male, with sales over 52 million units worldwide, and six time American music award winner) he produced Bolton Swings Sinatra.

After this success Alex continues to evolve in the swing and dance genres seeking theright person to interpret his musical vision. In Oscar he has found an outstanding talent and collaborator.

Oscar Loya

Oscar’s career is a typical example of the American Dream. The youngest of five children, Oscar was raised in a single parent household on the wrong side of town. Hismother struggled to make ends meet and make sure her children didn’t fall to the product of growing up in a Southern California barrio.

Oscar used his artistic passion for the arts as his key to escape such meager beginnings. After successful career stints as a talented fashion designer, and hair/makeup artist, he finally found his niche by heeding the advice of those around him and making the switch from background to foreground.

Determined not to let a lack of formal training hold him back, at age 24 he left everything behind and moved to New York to finally realise his dream of performing. Being new on the scene was not an issue for Oscar. Only one month after having lived in the Big Apple he was stopped by a famous Broadway producer/choreographer on the street and was asked three questions, “Can you sing? Can you act? Can you dance?” The answer was a resounding “Hell Yeah!”.

Oscar honed his singing, dancing, and acting skills on internationally renowned stages in cities including Bologna, Rotterdam, Vienna, Seoul, Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin,Köln, and Munich. Oscar’s International experience combined with his skills and remarkable energy, form the basis of continuing his transition from musical star to world class pop star.

With the track Miss Kiss Kiss Bang it has become possible to successfully combine Alex’s superb abilities as producer, composer, and author with Oscar’s extraordinary talent as a performer.