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Giorgos Alkaios ve Friends
Singer: Giorgos Alkaios ve Friends
Year: 2010
Country: Greece
Song: OPA!
Rank: 8
Point: 140

Giorgos Alkaios will take his friends to Oslo and they'll give probably one of the most energetic performances of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Giorgos Alkaios is one of the few Greek artists who holds the record for consecutive concerts during the last decade in Cyprus, Germany, England, Canada, Australia and in the USA. Over the years more than 300,000 people have watched Giorgos performing live.

Giorgos Alkaios is known to non-Greeks as well, due to his appearance in charts around the world.

Outside Greece he is considered as an ethnic artist, and for that he has been invited to perform in prestigious venues.

His song Syrmatoplegma became the anthem of the famous football team Galatasaray, when the team won the transcontinental Cup and the UEFA cup.

His first platinum record abroad came from Sweden, when Antique performed his song Opa-Opa a top hit in charts around Europe.