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SunStroke Project ve Olia Tira
Singer: SunStroke Project ve Olia Tira
Year: 2010
Country: Moldova
Song: Run Away
Rank: 22
Point: 27

Moldova is represented this year by the interestingly named Sunstroke project and the young singer Olia Tira. Both parties are very successful in what they do, so will this bring Moldova their first victory?

Sunstroke project is a symbiosis of a violin, saxophone and live vocals, making up a fashionable chaos of music. They've given concerts in more than 30 cities and 40 clubs all over Europe and have had many hits. That all is in spite the fact they were founded less than 2 years ago.

Olia Tira has moved around a lot in her early years as she was born in the family of an officer. She even lived in the Far East but went to school in her native Moldova. Even though she's only 21, she's already achieved a lot, having released an album already and taking part in international song contests. She is hosting a morning show on one of the TV channels and her pictures are on the covers of many popular magazines, her songs are very popular and you can hear them on TV and all radio stations in Moldova.