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Dino Merlin
Singer: Dino Merlin
Year: 2011
Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Song: Love In Rewind
Rank: 6
Point: 125

Born on September 12th, 1962 in Sarajevo, Dino Merlin is the most renowned songwriter from Bosnia and Herzegovina and indisputably one of the greatest and most popular music artists in the Balkans.

In 1983 Dino establishes the pop rock band Merlin for which he writes both music and lyrics while also being the band’s lead vocalist, thus becoming one of the most admired frontmen in former Yugoslavia. He sets off to start his solo career in 1991 going by the stage name Dino Merlin.

He has released ten studio albums (5 with the band Merlin and 5 solo albums) as well as several greatest hits editions and live concert recordings.

In 2000 Dino performed for the first time at Kosevo Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo in front of 80.000 spectators, as part of the tour surrounding his album Sredinom which was one of the best selling albums in Southeastern Europe in the last decade. He performed at the same venue again in 2004 and 2008.

Dino wrote the music and co-authored the lyrics for the first ever entry of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 at the ESC (Sva Bol Svijeta). In 1999, Dino represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in Jerusalem with his song Putnici featuring Beatrice Poulot. He ended up in seventh place.

Dino wrote the lyrics for the first official national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina titled Jedna Si Jedina. He lives and works in Sarajevo.