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Hera Björk
Singer: Hera Björk
Year: 2010
Country: Iceland
Song: Je ne sais quoi
Rank: 19
Point: 41

Iceland surprises at this year's Europe's favourite TV-show. And not only with the song but also, their entry is performed in the language you wouldn't expect - it's in French!

Hera Björk became a household name in Iceland when she co-hosted the variety TV show Stutt í Spunann (a version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?) during the winter of 1999-2000.

She has been a regular star of various radio and television shows ever since, and is famous for her extraordinary vocal range as well as her seemingly effortless ability to glide from one vocal style to another. She has also found time to contribute vocals to Björk’s magnificent, and entirely a cappella 2004 album Medúlla.

Eurovision Song Contest trivia fans will be delighted to know that she was also one of the dancers in Selma’s comedy video for her entry All Out of Luck in 1999.

She is currently working on her third album, due to be released in 2010 to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest.

Örlygur Smári, the writer of Hera's song, has produced and composed for the biggest names in the Icelandic music industry, much of his output going on to top the Icelandic music charts.

Öggi is renowned for his work with Icelandic singer Paul Oscar. This led to their collaboration on the 2008 Icelandic Eurovision Song Contest entry, This Is My Life, performed by Euroband.