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Daniel Diges
Singer: Daniel Diges
Year: 2010
Country: Spain
Song: Algo pequeñito
Rank: 15
Point: 68

Daniel Diges has watched the Eurovision Song Contest since he was a child and he has always dreamed of taking part in it. This year his dream came true and he'll represent Spain in Oslo.

Daniel Diges is an experienced singer and actor, who cut his teeth as a live singer on stage. He was recently awarded the Spanish national theatre prize for the best musicals' actor. Diges has starred in the great majority of hit musicals which have been staged in Spain.

Besides music and theatre, Daniel has wide television experience as an actor in many drama and comedy series, and also as presenter and singer on a weekly children’s show.

His song, with a classical waltz base, speaks on the passionate and desperate need for those everyday details, so important but sometimes forgotten: a caress, a kiss, an apology, a flower. Little things, even tiny things that are very important in order to maintain an eternal love.