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Sopho Nizharadze
Singer: Sopho Nizharadze
Year: 2010
Country: Georgia
Song: Shine
Rank: 9
Point: 136

Georgia's hopeful in this year's Eurovision Song Contest is Sofia Nizharadze who will present her song Shine to more than 100 million TV-viewers.

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Sofia Nizharadze graduated with honors from the musical academy of the Tbilisi State conservatory where she studied piano and vocals. At age 3 she started performing on a professional stage and her talent was unanimously admired by a wide audience. At age 7 she was mentored by Jansugh Kakhidze, a prominent Georgian conductor, author of famous soundtracks for Georgian cinema productions that turned into hits among Georgian music fans. Soon Sofia joined a children music choir where she took the lead as a talented vocalist at various shows, and TV projects.Later on she performed the world hit Sous Le Ciel De Paris at the French Embassy. Shortly afterwards, Bernard Pivout, a journalist, amazed by her talent invited her to his program at TV5.

Sofia has won numerous awards in her career and has also starred in musicals like Romeo and Juliet and Notre Dame De Paris. She has also performed in a duet with José Carreras in 2001.