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Malcolm Lincoln ve Manpower 4
Singer: Malcolm Lincoln ve Manpower 4
Year: 2010
Country: Estonia
Song: Siren
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Malcolm Lincoln is the 2010 comet in the Estonian music skies! The artist whose name was until now only known in the alternative music scene, surprised the public by winning the Estonian national selection show Eesti Laul 2010.

Robin Juhkental, the leader and founder of the band, had written the track Siren several years ago, but decided to present it to wider audiences only now, when the Estonian round of the Eurovision Song Contest underwent a great change last year when more less-known artists were invited by the broadcaster to join the contest.

Valner Valme, music critic and journalist at the largest Estonian newspaper, says that Malcolm Lincoln is a charming band, whose music combines modern electronics and classical big pop and who do not shy away from any moves to win the listeners’ heart: big choruses, sentiment, an image containing both gay and macho elements, a deadly show and a perfect performance. Nevertheless, it is not a cheap band – they simply play their own game. Stylistically there are no limits, the band draws features from the areas of funk, electro, soul, synth-pop and boy-bands, but what makes it unique is how the band succeeds in putting all the ingredients to work for its benefit.

Malcolm Lincoln was formed in 2009. The band’s other member Madis Kubu aka Fretless Rämbu provides special live support and joins Robin for live shows.

Madis Kubu: “Robin and me, we have a similar understanding of what a live performance should look like and therefore gigging together is pure joy.” The band’s name is inspired from the TV game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, where a player was once convinced that the first name of the US President Lincoln was Malcolm and not Abraham. The band is releasing its debut album at the end of April.

Malcolm Lincoln’s back vocals on the Eurovision stage will be provided by Manpower 4, a quartet formed especially for the event.