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Magdalena Tul
Singer: Magdalena Tul
Year: 2011
Country: Poland
Song: Jestem
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Magdalena discovered her love for music when she was 12. This is when she started developing her singing interests in a children’s vocal band. As a teenager she cooperated with many bands, gaining experience on stage and in the studio. This is when she started her first band. They gave a few concerts supporting well-known artists of the Polish musical scene.

In 1999 when she was 19, she enrolled in a school of music of secondary level in Gdańsk, in a classical singing class. She studied there for one year, working on her skills and expanding her knowledge. Also in 1999 she enrolled in a graduate school, Bydgoszcz Academy, at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, where she specialized in artistic education in the realm of music.
She was awarded MA in Arts in 2004.

In 2000 she moved to Warsaw where she started working as a singer and an actress for Studio Buffo, a musical theater created by Janusz Józefowicz and Janusz Stokłosa. She performed there among others as a lead singer in a musical Metro and also, in several musical shows

Three years later she moved on to a new challenge and started her cooperation with another musical theater, Roma. She performed there in lots of musicals like Miss Saigon, Grease and Cats

In August 2005 she recorded a song for the Polish version of Walt Disney’s movie: The Emperor’s New Groove.

Magda also performed at the festival Top Trendy 2005, at the concert Eska Hit Squad, together with a hip-hop artist, Sycha. In November 2005, with the song Full of Life, composed by Peter Martin. The same year, Magda won two main awards at the International Music Festival Universetalent in Prague for The Best Singer and The Best Song. In June 2006 she won the third price at Unisong, an International Songwrigting Contest in the USA.

Her first solo album The Victory of Heart was the crowning achievment of Magda's hard work throughout the years till now.

Now she’s working on new material. The first two singles are Nie ma Jej and Jestem.
This year on the 14th of February, Magdalena has been chosen to represent Poland in the Eurovison Song Contest in Düsseldorf with her new song Jestem. She got 44,47% of the votes of the televiewers.