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Vlatko Ilievski
Singer: Vlatko Ilievski
Year: 2011
Country: Macedonia
Song: Rusinka
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Vlatko Ilievski, one of the most popular pop rock singers in F.Y.R. Macedonia, is well known for his many talents: he is a musician, an actor, a composer, and a TV host.

Vlatko was born in Skopje on the 2nd of July 1985. His fascination with music began when he started playing the guitar and the piano at the age of nine. After performing with his band at F.Y.R. Macedonian rock festivals, he was offered a lead singer role in the hard rock group Moral. He was only 15! During that period, due to his voice and looks, Vlatko was called the Macedonian Jon Bon Jovi. Their album Koga Patuvam, released in 2003, was a big success, and two years later Moral performed at Deep Purple’s concert in Skopje as their opening act.

Vlatko launched his solo career with the hit Uste Si Mi Ti and has since made numerous successful appearances at many festivals, such as Skopje Festival, Makfest, Ohrid Fest, Suncane Skale, etc.

His first solo album So Drugi Zborovi, released in 2008, was a huge success both with the audience and music reviewers.

Many songs from his second album Najbogat Na Svet, released in 2010, still top national charts.

Vlatko Ilievski is the first Macedonian singer who performed in the country's biggest concert venue in June 2010, in front of 10,000 fans.

He won numerous awards, including two first prizes at Ohrid Fest 2009, both in the Macedonian Pop Songs Selection and the International Selection, together with Risto Samardziev for the song Za Ljubov Se Pee Do Kraj, Macedonian Radio Hit Award for 2009 for Najbogat Na Svet and the Macedonian Radio Hit Award for 2010 for Srekja.