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Rebeka Dremelj
Singer: Rebeka Dremelj
Year: 2008
Country: Slovenia
Song: Vrag naj vzame
Rank: 0
Point: 0
The Slovene colours in Belgrade will be represented by Rebeka Dremelj (photo: Barbara Zajc), who will perform Vrag Naj Vzame in the first Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest on 20th May. Rebeka got the ticket to represent her native country after winning the Slovene national final EMA 2008.

Rebeka Dremelj, a singer and Miss Slovenia 2001, is a true Slovene phenomenon. She is the only person who will have been representing Slovenia in two different fields. It was on the Miss World Talent Show in 2001 where she landed the outstanding second place and thus signed a contract with Sony Records London. The second time, she will be representing Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. She had over 150 performances in the last year and is used performing; the Slovene public is therefore not in doubt about her charisma on the biggest European stage. She is considered a dynamic and energetic singer, who owns her own underwear label called Rebeka's Dream.