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Singer: 3JS
Year: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Song: Never Alone
Rank: 0
Point: 0

We all know the glitter en glamour of the Dutch town of Volendam. But, of course, it also has another side to it. For sometimes relationships break up and dreams end in disillusions. It is that side of life that the 3JS sing about. Dreamers and fools, that's what they are: Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman, and Jaap de Witte. Dreamers of a better world, fools pursuing their ideals. And whether it's about love or being recognised for their music, they give it their all. For, in their own words, they believe in life.

And successfully so! 3JS can already boast several gold records and numerous party houses brought down, as well as a successful theatre tour. What is striking every time is that the fans come from all ranks of society: young, old, men, women, poor, rich, couch potatoes or counter-culturists. How do they do it? The answer is simple: 3JS are real!

Indeed, how do you find a band name like that? It just happens when three dyed-in-the-wool local musicians give a performance in a local bar, just for the fun of it. The songs, pop music to Dutch lyrics, with a nice touch of Irish folk, hit the jackpot. And before anyone can come up with a band name, 3JS are a household word. Their debut album Watermensen becomes gold, the trio are awarded a Silver Harp, they triumph at the Vrienden Van Amstel Live, and they see their second album Kamers Van M’n Hart declared a Dutch pop classic. And in the meantime, they score one hit after the other.

Dromers En Dwazen, their third CD, is an album with multiple layers, for with 3JS nothing is ever what it seems. The setting may be light, but before you know it you're dancing with the spirits to Dansen Met De Geesten and it's time for the truth in Tijd Voor De Waarheid. Unruliness? No, rather playfulness. Dive into the world of 3JS and you will find the greatest details. Hear how Feest Vandaag ends in Johann Sebastian Bach's Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring. And recognise the main character in that song as the same boy who lost his love in Net Alsof. All's well that ends well! In any event the album won the trio an Edison and their first number one single: Wat Is Dromen.
Dreamers and fools, that's what those 3JS are. But with that subtle and contagious touch, they are the three kings of Dutch-language pop, although in Dusseldorf, with Never Alone, they intend to prove that they can score big in English as well!