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Vânia Fernandes
Singer: Vânia Fernandes
Year: 2008
Country: Portugal
Song: Senhora do mar
Rank: 13
Point: 69
Vânia Fernandes enjoyed a landslide victory in the Portuguese national selection, and will represent Portugal in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade with the song Senhora Do Mar (Negras Águas)

Vânia was born in Funchal, on the island of Madeira , and is most popular in Portugal for having won the RTP talent show Operação Triunfo, a Pop Idol kind of programme, in 2008. However, her connection with music dates back to her childhood…

The following are only a few of the main events in which Vânia’s voice stood out, in 2007 she is a final year student of the Instrument – Singing Professional Course, at CEPAM, the Madeira Conservatory, under the guidance of Prof. João Pereira, and a final year student of the Jazz course.

She has several projects in various musical styles, mostly in the field of jazz, among which the project with the Júlio Resende Quartet. In February 2007 she took a training course, as part of the Leonardo da Vinci Project, in the Helsinki Conservatory, representing the Madeira Conservatory.

In October 2006 she participated in Portugal Taste and Madeira Taste in Guernsey and Jersey (USA) respectively, as the representative of the Madeira Regional Government.

In April2006 she won the Reconnaissance Prize at the Jazz Festival, in Lisbon, representing the Madeira Conservatory. In August 2005 she became becomes the Voice Supervisor at the Vozes do Atlântico Festival.

In April 2005 she attended the master class by the baritone Prof. António Salgado, who has a doctorate in Vocal Technique. In August 2004 she participated in the Vozes do Atlântico festival, as chorus supervisor.

In June 2004 She was part of the resident band Humberto Fournier Sextet, which opened the Jams at the Irish Pub, during Funchal’s Jazz Festival. In October 2003 she began her piano studies at the Conservatory, with Professor João Luíz.

Also in October2003 – She began, with the band Oficina” her experience as a jazz singer. In November 2002 she began her activity in several musical events, in the field of fado. In October 2001 she began her singing studies at the Conservatory. She also won 1st place at the Vozes da Madeira Festival as well as beginning her professional life as a singer in hotels and bars in the Madeira region, in the field of light/pop/rock music.

In June 2001 she finished her secondary studies and won the contest Talentos à solta, that took place in Calheta. In June 1999 – She won the contest Funchal a Cantar. In June1997 she began her participation in regional shows (such as Madeira em Festa, by João Luís Mendonça), hotels and television shows. In June 1997 She participated, for the first time, in the contest Funchal a Cantar.