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Maria Haukaas Storeng
Singer: Maria Haukaas Storeng
Year: 2008
Country: Norway
Song: Hold On Be Strong
Rank: 5
Point: 182
After three semi-finals, a second-chance heat and a big final in Oslo, the participant to represent Norway was selected by Norwegian televoters and local juries: Maria (photo: NRK/Arff) will perform Hold On Be Strong.

Maria was born in the north of Norway on the 3rd of August in 1978. She started singing very early, she was only 5 years old the first time she took part in a concert in her hometown. At the age of 11 she played the part as orphan Annie in the major production of the musical hit show Annie. Some years later she played Dorothy in the classic musical The Wizard Of Oz at Det Norske Teatret. Maria has participated in a number of theatre- and musical productions, such as Fame, Hamlet and Peer Gynt.

Maria released her first studio album in 2005 which was called Breathing. She is currently back in the studio recording her new album, which off course will include the Eurovision Song Contest entry Hold On Be Strong. Maria became a household name after participating in the TV-show Pop Idol in Norway in 2004. She came sixth, and is remembered for her big voice and strong personality. Maria is thankful for the support from the Norwegian audience after winning the national pre-selection, and she is really looking forward to the festival in Belgrade in May.