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Tamara Todevska, Vrčak & Adrian
Singer: Tamara Todevska, Vrčak & Adrian
Year: 2008
Country: Macedonia
Song: Let Me Love You
Rank: 0
Point: 0
Tamara, Vrčak & Adrian won the ticket for FYR Macedonia to the Eurovision Song Contest during the 2008 Skopje Festival. They will perform in English in Belgrade with the song Let Me Love You.

Tamara, Vrcak, and Adrijan are young, talented, and very popular performers in Macedonia.

Skopje Music Academy senior student Tamara born in Skopje, 1 June 1985 is definitely one of Macedonia's best female singers. She started her music career in 2001 with a huge hit written by Robert Bilbilov, Dali znam (Do I know?), which she performed at the Suncane Skale Festival in Montenegro the next year. In 2003 she continued to participate in festivals.

The song 1003, performed at the Budva festival in Montenegro, topped the charts. She also performed with her mother Branka, an opera singer, at Ohrid Fest in Macedonia, winning the third prize. Tamara participated three times in Makfest in Stip, Macedonia. In 2004 with Nemirna (Restless), in 2006 Sedmo Nebo (Seventh Heaven) with Vrcak won her the first prize, and in 2007 she had a memorable performance of the ballad Smesno, zar ne? (Funny, isn't it?). The audience in Serbia remembers very well her song Sex with the Belgrade group 187, which was very popular in 2004. The next year, the album Sino (Blue), produced and composed by Aleksandar Masevski, was released, earning an album of the year award.

In 2006, Tamara and Vrcak were a big success with the song Losa devojka(Bad Girl), performed at the Budva Fest.

Tamara has already felt the challenge of the Eurovision Song Contest singing as a backing vocalist for the late Tose Proeski in 2004, and in 2007 she came second at the Macedonian national final.

Rade Vrcakovski-Vrcak was born in Skopje on 17th November 1980. He is a well known composer, songwriter, and performer, whose two albums Kako da pobegnam od se (If I could run away) and Vo tvoeto srce (In your heart), earned him numerous awards for best song, album, songwriter, discovery of the year, most played song.

Although a senior medical student, he has chosen a career in music. Vrcak performed at Makfest three times: in 2001 with Andrijana Janevska he won the second prize, in 2004 with Robert Bilbilov he won the third prize, and finally his duet with Tamara earned him first place.

Vrcak's latest album was released in 2007 and was a huge success, as it was one of the best selling albums in the country. Singles from the album received heavy airplay, as well as making several appearances on MTV Adria. Vrcak was a UNICEF ambassador of goodwill and he was given a Mother Teresa humanitarian award.

Vrcak is also known as the author of the lyrics for the song Ninanajna, which was the Macedonian entry for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. It was actually his idea to write a song for his good friends Tamara and Adrijan and himself! And this is Let Me Love You, the song that won the Skopje Festival 2008, the FYR Macedonian national final!

Tamara, Vrcak, and Adrijan foster different music styles, but the three of them together are a real blast on stage! An outburst of energy, enthusiasm, and great music!

Adrijan was born in Skopje on 13th February 1984. He is a Music High School graduate (viola) currently studying English.

He entered the showbiz world singing at Nota Fest in 2001 and won the first prize, which was the first time for a newcomer to win the majority of votes of the jury and the audience. Adrijan has since become a household name both in FYR Macedonia and Albania, having released four albums, three in Albanian and one in Macedonian.

He is well known for his attractive stage performances thanks to his dancing and choreography skills. Adrijan won the first prize at Videofest, a best male performer award at Topfest, twice won a best video award at the Video Festival in Tirana, best stage performance at Makfest, first prize at Ohrid Fest. In 2006 his duet with the famous Esma Redzepova won the second place at the Macedonian Eurovision Song Contest final. Adrijan is constantly on tour, not only in FYR Macedonia and Albania, but also in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Switzerland.