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Charlotte Perrelli
Singer: Charlotte Perrelli
Year: 2008
Country: Sweden
Song: Hero
Rank: 18
Point: 47
Nine years after winning the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Take Me To Your Heaven, Charlotte Perrelli (nee Nilsson) returns in 2008 having recently won the Swedish Melodifestival with the song Hero.

When Charlotte first heard Hero she immediately said yes to participate in the Swedish Melodifestival again. She had turned down many offers over the nine years previously, but now the song and timing was right in Charlotte's mind.

Charlotte was born on October 7th 1974. At the age of 13 she started singing, and a few years later she enrolled at Scenskolan (Stage school) in Växjö. After her school years in southern Sweden, she moved to Stockholm where she started studying jazz and pop. In the next few years Charlotte performed as the lead singer in different bands.

Charlotte also won a Grammis (Swedish Grammy), and was awarded Gold and Platinum disks for her work. In 1999 Charlotte entered the Swedish Melodifestival as a solo singer, and won with Take me to you heaven. In Jerusalem at the Eurovision Song Contest of that year, Charlotte quickly became a media darling, and the audience´s favourite and went on to win the competition with that song.

In the following years Charlotte toured, not only in Sweden, but Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. She launched her own line of beauty products ,and in 2003 Charlotte had the leading role in Jesus Christ Superstar with West End Emsemble. In 2004, Charlotte and her husband Nicola changed their last names to Perrelli, and later that year she hosted the national selection, Melodifestival for the Eurovision Song Contest with great success with a total viewing audience of more than 15 million people.

Two years later she was nominated for Guldmasken for her role as Bell in the Disney musical Beauty And The Beast. Later that year she, finally, hasdthe opportunity to pay tribute to her idol, the jazz icon Monica Zetterlund, by releasing an album with songs of Monica. But in 2008 it is time for the humble diva to return!