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Andy Abraham
Singer: Andy Abraham
Year: 2008
Country: United Kingdom
Song: Even If
Rank: 25
Point: 14
Six acts participated in the British national final Eurovision - Your Decision, but only one could represent the country in the final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in Belgrade on the 24th of May. Five of the contestants had to go home again - but it was Andy Abraham who managed to get the majority of the UK televotes and will be the country's joy in the Beogradska Arena performing Even If.

Andy is a man of mass musical talent, personal integrity... a family man. Andy is a songwriter. A man who has braved and exceeded all expectations and media obstacles over the last four years. Andy is a man who has dealt with the media spotlight with such personality that he has been dubbed the "man and voice of the people" Andy has sold half a million records in less than two years. Andy Abraham is a man of the people. There are no airs and graces. A man who has nurtured his vocal and writing talent for many years and now, on his own terms is set to move on to the world stage. Andy is the UK's chosen representative at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Serbia.

Andy co-wrote Even If with his favourite co-writers Andy Watkins and Paul Wilson from Absolute. A team who, like Andy have sold more records than we care to mention. Andy is currently working on his 3rd solo album, also entitled Even If, due for release on 26th May. The single Even If will be physically available on 12th May with digital release two weeks prior.

"I'm freaked out! What can I say - the public and my loyal fans have voted me in and I'm over the moon. They believe like I did that ‘Even If' is a song for the masses. The UK audience have once again been behind me. I'm seriously hoping and I will try my best to make them proud out in Serbia because it is about the song. I really hope people in Europe give the song a chance..." Andy Abraham said, 30 minutes after been chosen by the UK audience.

Andy will be the perfect ambassador for the UK. In a year where his beloved football team (England) have been unable to make the cut for the Euro 2008, Andy sees his performance in Serbia as an opportunity to restore pride to the UK.

From obscurity to chart artist Andy Abraham's meteoric rise to chart star has been what dreams are made of. Andy is exactly as you would expect. He is a father first, the family man who just happens to have the voice to stop you in your tracks.

Andy has sold over half a million albums in less than two years and embarked on a sold out nationwide tour that culminated in a sold out concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. Andy's hugely loyal fan base will now back him all the way to the Eurovision final in Serbia with the soulful funk and self-penned track Even If. As Andy explains: "It is a soulful love song guaranteed to be appreciated by both British and European music fans alike." Andy is one of the only X Factor contestants that still connect both musically and personally with his mentors on the X Factor Show. Both Sharon Osborne and Simon Cowell, collectively commented that Andy is "the most genuinely nice guy...he looks set to do us all proud in Serbia."

Andy continues to work excitedly on his third album which will comprise original material co-written by Andy and various hugely successful writers & production teams from home and abroad. Andy moves on to the world stage and the next phase of his musical career, where he gets to showcase to the public his own style of music whilst keeping the core of his fans happy. As he says: "I believe it's important to write and be involved in the next stage of my career because I've so much to prove to myself. I take nothing for granted. This is a great journey for me and my family. My family is everything to me. My wife Denise is my manager, and we are embarking on the next stage of my musical journey together." Now is the time for Andy to convey his great vocal ability but also his unique song writing talents. The ride has only just begun....

Andy with a team of trusted and experienced industry executives has put together his own label B-Line Records. The music industry has changed considerably over the last couple of years, with artists taking a greater level of control in their careers. As Andy says: "The opportunities are endless. I have handpicked my own team who share my vision for my career. Whether it is Radiohead, George Michael I am at the coalface of my career."