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Singer: Hind
Year: 2008
Country: Netherlands
Song: Your Heart Belongs to Me
Rank: 0
Point: 0
22-year old singer Hind Laroussi (photo: Wim Kluvers) has been chosen by NOS to represent the Netherlands in the first of the two Semi-Finals of the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest. "We haven't qualified for the Final for three consecutive years, so that is my first goal," the young singer said.

Hind - born in Gouda in 1984 - needs no introduction in her own country. The Netherlands has come to know her as a young woman with a special, warm charisma and a voice with which she can easily represent pop music, Fado or Arabian classics. Versatility is not only the word best suited to her singing qualities. As an artist Hind is versatile as well. The row of performances during recent years is long, whether it involves solo performances or shows in which she performed with her own band, in a theatre, during a television show or a major gala such as the Dutch Musical Awards. A Hind show is always special. On liberation day she had a glorious performance with the Metropolitan Orchestra in the famous theatre Carré in Amsterdam, a performance where the Dutch Queen Beatrix was a guest.

The singing career of Hind rocketed since her participating in the Dutch version of the television programme Idol in 2003. Her debut single Summer All Over Again (2003) instantly became a big hit, resulting in Hind being frequently on television and in shows throughout the country. In 2004 Hind was awarded an Edison Music Award for 'Best New National Artist' and she received a golden record for her debut album Around The World. Currently, over 40.000 albums have been sold. While with the debut album Hind presented herself to the public, she further established her name in the world of music with her second album Halfway Home (2005).

On stage as well as off stage, Hind leaves no doubt that she is a winner. Notwithstanding her busy schedule she is very much involved with the world, and acts upon this. As such she uses her fame for the relief organisation Dutch Council for Refugees. Now Hind has another important year ahead of her, the year 2008. She is not only preparing for her contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest, in March she also started her second theatre tour. Next she is quite busy with preparations for a third album which will be introduced in the summer of 2008.

The participation in the Song Contest 2008 is a new highlight in the life of the singer. "This was my dream when I was a young girl," she explains. "I always watched the Song Contest in admiration and was mostly impressed by the countries that came with their own song. I even noted down the scores personally." The timing for the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is ideal since Hind in her search for songs for her new album, suddenly found the song, with which she shall represent the Netherlands in Belgrade. The pop song Your Heart Belongs To Me was jointly written by Hind, Tjeerd van Zanen (lyrics, music) and Bas van den Heuvel (music). The participation in the Eurovision Song Contest with a song which was written and composed personally is perceived by Hind as a tremendous honour and challenge. Several millions of people throughout Europe will see me perform and listen to the song and Hind says: "I hope to be able to 'touch' many with my voice."