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Singer: Kreisiraadio
Year: 2008
Country: Estonia
Song: Leto svet
Rank: 0
Point: 0
Comedy act Kreisiraadio have won Eurolaul 2008 and will represent Estonia in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, on Tuesday May 20th in Belgrade with the song Leto Svet.

This will be the first occasion when an Estonian Eurovision Song Contest entry hasn't been performed either in the Estonian or English language. Leto Svet is performed maily in the Serbo-Croatian language with parts of the song in the German and Finnish languages.

Kreisiraadio (Crazy Radio) is an ultra-popular three-man team, who first met up in the city of Tartu. Having recognised each other’s hidden desires they immediately decided to crack some jokes. This is what they are still doing today! In April 1993, the trio started on the radio, continued on Estonian national television, and in many other places where people have tolerated them. They do not set limits in their activities and could care less about established practices. And this is why they have no competitors in Estonia, or if they do, these must be invisible competitors!

Kreisiraadio has tried their hand at everything during their lifetime. They have performed in opera, conducted a symphonic orchestra and acted in films, not to even mention their countless TV and radio performances. All three men have cool children and beautiful homes in different areas of Tallinn. Look at the map! Kreisiraadio has a sub-fund named after it under the Estonian National Culture Fund. Kreisiraadio will soon publish a book and open a pub called Kreisiraadio.

All three men are highly educated specialists. Hannes Võrno has a higher education in fashion design and is most widely known as a TV show host. For years, Hannes has been voted one of the best compères around. He is the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? He has been a member of parliament and was recently awarded the rank of junior lieutenant by the President of the Republic of Estonia. Hannes is a reserve officer.

Peeter Oja is a highly educated actor, who stopped working as an on-the-staff actor in the mid-80s and has enjoyed the joys and sorrows of a freelancer now for a couple of decades. Peeter is one of the hosts of the most viewed socially critical ridicule show on an Estonian commercial TV channel and the recognised author of widely commented newspaper articles.

Tarmo Leinatamm is a highly educated conductor, whom the viewers of the 1996 and 1997 Eurovision Song Contest have seen conducting the orchestra. Tarmo also finds time to host TV shows – and already for about ten years. Tarmo has also been a member of parliament. All counted, he has nine professions.

Kreisiraadio has been on the air for 15 years and no end is in sight. The men gather for action only when they can no longer help it and the longing for each other becomes unbearable. Thus they unsuspectingly ended up at the Eurovision Song Contest, or as people say in Estonia – Leto Svet! We wish the same to you, dear reader!