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Singer: Sirusho
Year: 2008
Country: Armenia
Song: Qélé, Qélé
Rank: 4
Point: 199
Sirusho was born in 1987 in Yerevan, Armenia. She was raised in a family comprised of a father who is an accomplished actor and director, and her mother a well-known and respected singer. She has been singing all of her life and first performed on stage at the age of seven. Since then she blossomed into being one of the most popular and loved singers in Armenia.

Sirusho has toured in many countries and has spread the Armenian pop and folk music in, Canada, USA, Syria, Iran, France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Jordan, Egypt, etc. For the past four years, she has consecutively been awarded as 'Best female Artist' in Armenia (2005), 'Best female artist' in Russia (2006) (among the Armenian population) and' Best female Artist' in USA (2007) (among the Armenian population) and in the Armenian Golden Star Awards she received the award of best female artist in 2007. Her Sheram album has been recognized as the 'Best album of the year' in Armenia (2005).

In addition, she has also been awarded for her videos. Her songs have always been on top of the charts. She has released three albums throughout her career (Sirusho in 2000, Sheram in 2005 and Hima in 2007). She recorded her first pop album when she was thirteen. Her second album comprised Armenian folk songs, which was recognized as the 'Best album of the Year' in 2007. Her third album conveyed her own music and lyrics in Armenian and English. She also has been known to write songs for many other Armenian artists. She will be the first female and the third participant to ever represent Armenia in Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade.