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Lozano & Esma
Singer: Lozano & Esma
Year: 2013
Country: Macedonia
Song: Imperija
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Esma Redzepova Teodosievska was born in Skopje, F.Y.R. Macedonia, from father Ibraim and mother Canija, as fifth child from six her parents had. As a child she was interested in art, so the biggest joy for her was going to the cinema and theatre. She started her education in a primary school "Goce Delchev", where she recognized for the first time that she was different from the others. Children ignored her because she was Gypsy and nobody liked to sit in the same desk with her.

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Vlatko Lozanoski - Lozano is a Macedonian singer from Kičevo - F.Y.R. Macedonia. His first public appearance was as a participant in the talent show Mak Stars (September 2007 - May 2008). A month later when the show was over, he won the Grand Prix on the first Macedonian Radio Festival called Starry Night where he sang the song Take Me Back which was also his first official single. In October 2008, singing his only third official single At The Time If Time Could Stand Still, Lozano was awarded by the jury the Debut Prize at MakFest, the most prestigious music festival in F.Y.R. Macedonia. Two days later, on the final evening he won the MakFest Grand Prix which was awarded by the audience.

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