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Tereza Kerndlová
Singer: Tereza Kerndlová
Year: 2008
Country: Czech Republic
Song: Have Some Fun
Rank: 0
Point: 0
For the second time, Czech broadcaster CT organised their national final Eurosong, which again was held in Prague. From the ten songs participating, Have Some Fun performed by Tereza Kerndlová was chosen by an SMS vote to represent the Czech Republic at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

Tereza Kerndlová was born on 6th October 1986 in Brno.

Tereza is the daughter of swing singer Láda Kerndl, and has been sailing around Europe accompanying her musician father on boats since she was two and a half years old.

She was in Iva Bittová’s choir for five years and has been in step dancing competitions for five years and is the six-times winner of the Czech title, has won the European Championships and came sixth in the World Championships.

Tereza has been dubbing for six years and has dubbed over 200 serials and films. At the age of eight she began performing with her father and his orchestra, Jazz Friends going on to work with well-known Czech big bands.She sang with her father on eight of his CDs for which they have received several gold and platinum discs.

In 2000 Tereza was approached when the girl band Black Milk was formed. In June 2001 she, Tereza Černochová and Helena Zeťová recorded the CD Modrej Dým (Blue Smoke). In 2002 they won the Český Slavík (Czech Nightingale) award for best new band as well as the Akademie award, the next year they recorded their second CD Sedmkrát (Seven Times). Both CDs went gold and platinum.

In the spring of 2005 Tereza left Black Milk to start her solo album Orchidej (Orchids) .For a year Tereza was the face for the Maybelline New York brand. She also did a photo shoot to make a calendar for the company Balmain, with whom she works.

On the 5th of November 2007, Tereza released her second solo album Have Some Fun. The disc was recorded in Belgium with producer Stan Šimor. A number of well-known musicians contributed to the record, amongst them, Gordon Pogoda who wrote one of the songs for the global hit series Sex and the City. It was with the title track that she won the Czech Republic’s national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.