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Singer: Cezar
Year: 2013
Country: Romania
Song: It's My Life
Rank: 13
Point: 65

Cezar is considered, by the critics, one of the most talented contrateneurs of his generation, due to his ambitus and special vocal techniques. Cezar’s unmistakeble sound led his fans add The Voice to his name. He represents Romania in Eurovision Song Contest 2013, in Malmö, with the song It’s My Life, music and lyrics by Cristian Faur.

He participated to many masterclasses with prestigious names of the music world, such as: Viorica Cortez, Jordi Savall, Sara Mingardo, Bobby McFerrin, Magda Olivero. Cezar is often invited to sing in the most important festivals and on well-known stages in the country as well as in Europe. He performed next to famous conductors like Fabio Biondi, Alan Curtis, Corrado Rovaris, Emanuelle Villaume, Ottavio Dantone, Diego Fasolis, Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Werner Ehrhardt, George Petrou, Sergio Ciomei, Sergio Azzolini, Nicolae Moldoveanu, Vlad Conta, Ketil Haugsand. His repertoire is very large, starting with vocal-simphonic music and up to a great variety of opera roles that he plays on the biggest stages in the world.

Born in la Ploieşti, Romania, in a musicians family, Cezar Ouatu started studying the piano when he was six and graduated the piano and choir classes at Carmen Sylva Art Highschool, in his native town. In 1998 he started studying canto and baroque music and soon became well-known, due to his voice, natural legerity and less common vocal limits.

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