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Gianluca Bezzina
Singer: Gianluca Bezzina
Year: 2013
Country: Malta
Song: Tomorrow
Rank: 8
Point: 120

Gianluca and his collection of smiles have warmed the hearts of many Eurovision enthusiasts in the past few months. The young lad from Malta is a medical doctor by profession, and also one of seven siblings, who are all talented musicians and singers.

Although fully committed to what he describes as his vocational calling, music has always served as a good break for the singing doctor, who has very adeptly found a balance between his daily ward rounds and his passion for music.

Gianluca is the front man of a local band, whose dynamic performances and recent single releases have propelled it to the forefront of the island’s music scene. While funk and indie elements characterise the band’s distinctive sound, Bezzina draws on a wider variety of influences as a solo artist. He is mostly inspired by Michael Bubé’s brassy standards, John Mayer’s modern blues, the nu-folk style of Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale, while also being deeply captivated by Chris Tomlin’s contemporary Christian music. 

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