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Krista Siegfrids
Singer: Krista Siegfrids
Year: 2013
Country: Finland
Song: Marry Me
Rank: 24
Point: 13

Krista Siegfrids came to prominence following her energetic performances at the tv-show The Voice of Finland. Subsequently, the multitalented Krista has taken Finland by a storm, winning the nation’s adoration with her catchy tunes, extravagant and stylish shows and her outspoken and sunny personality. This is a woman who DARES and DOES according to her own catch phrase MORE IS MORE!

Krista Siegfrids and her fabulous #TeamDingDong are representing Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest with the super catchy song Marry Me!

When I was 5 I was totally obsessed by Carola’s Fångad Av En Stormvind. I used to sing and perform it all the time! My favorite was the wind machine and I used the hair dryer as one! So my show at ESC will surely include a huge wind machine!

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