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Farid Mammadov
Singer: Farid Mammadov
Year: 2013
Country: Azerbaijan
Song: Hold Me
Rank: 2
Point: 234

Farid has effortlessly proven he is one of the finest vocalists Azerbaijan has produced in years. To win the national final Farid provided a touching performance of the song Hold Me. This is a strong romantic ballad, which was interpreted powerfully yet very sensitively, by Farid. Hold Me is composed by Dimitrios Kontopoulos, who previously produced Eurovision songs for Ani Lorak, Sakis Rouvas and had 27 number one hits in Greek national airplay charts.

The main source of inspiration to Farid has been Azerbaijani music as well soul, jazz, and pop. He was raised on Mugham, a form of traditional Azerbaijani folk music and very complex vocal art. Meanwhile, since the age of eight Farid got engaged to the soul and jazz music, in particular Stevie Wonder. At his very first concert he performed Wonder's all-time-hit I Just Called to Say I Love You. He is also a talented songwriter. At the semi-final of the national selection Farid performed his own song Gel Yanima (Come to Me).

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