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Ruslan Alehno
Singer: Ruslan Alehno
Year: 2008
Country: Belarus
Song: Hasta La Vista
Rank: 0
Point: 0
Ruslan Alehno has been chosen to represent Belarus at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. He will sing Hasta La Vista in Belgrade.

Ruslan Alehno was born in 1981 in the Belarussian town of Bobruisk. His musical abilities were revealed in early childhood, when he started to take bayan classes. However it was not enough for the young talent, and on leaving musical school Ruslan could already play the guitar, tube, piano and drums.

When he was 16, Ruslan wrote his first musical composition. The role of the only spectator and critic as well was given to his mother. At that time Ruslan couldn't even imagine that the real life story, which had evoked the content of his first composition, would appear again someday in his future hit Hasta la vista.

In his motherland, Belarus, Ruslan Alehno has already improved his image as successful singer. This was confirmed by the huge number of his victories at different vocal competitions, song contests and festivals. In 2001Ruslan was the winner of Belarussian TV project Hit-Moment , in 2003 he was the winner in Clear Voice nomination Crossroads of Europe festival in Belarus and also laureate of Molodechno-2003 vocal contest in Belarus.

The international festival Malvy 2004 in Poland brought to Ruslan one more new victory. But the most important achievement in the musical career of Ruslan Alehno was his victory in Russian TV-project People's Artist-2 (Russian version of Pop-Idol). It gave him the possibility to access the wide audience of pop music fans, for them to discover a new performer and also a sensual, open-hearted, sincere hero, whose songs and voice had conquered lot's of women hearts.

In 2005, Ruslan released his first album Sooner or Later. In 2008 Ruslan Alehno became the winner of National Television Musical project EuroFest, what gave him the opportunity to represent Republic of Belarus at the most popular and prestigious musical international contest in Europe Eurovision Song Contest 2008. "Take part to win!" said the Head of Eurofest, People's artist of Belarus Aleksandr Tihanovich.