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Nina Badrić
Singer: Nina Badrić
Year: 2012
Country: Croatia
Song: Nebo
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Nina Badrić who was born on 4 July 1972 is a Croatian pop singer. Before starting her career in the entertainment industry she used to be a bank teller. She began performing in early 1990s, exploiting the sudden popularity of dance music, but her repertoire gradually became more mainstream. She's also very popular in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia.

She competed in "Dora" - Croatian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 4 times. She won 7th place in 1993 with "Ostavljam te", 10th place in 1994 with "Godine nestvarne", 18th place in 1995 with "Odlaziš zauvijek", and almost won in 2003 with "Čarobno jutro", being a runner-up to Claudia Beni with "Više nisam tvoja". Nina starred in popular Croatian television show Mjenjačnica, where she swapped for a day with a zoo animal guard. Nina Badrić will represent Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Albums of Nina Badrić

1995 - Godine nestvarne
1997 - Personality
1999 - Unique
2000 - Nina
2003 - Ljubav
2007 - 07
2011 - NeBo