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Singer: Gisela
Year: 2008
Country: Andorra
Song: Casanova
Rank: 0
Point: 0
Spanish-born Gisela (1979) will represent Andorra at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. With Casanova she hopes to bring Andorra the Eurovision Song Contest success it has been waiting for since 2004.

Gisela was born in Barcelona under the sign of Capricorn on the 1st of January. Ever since she was a child she was mad about music and was determined to one day become a famous singer. When she grew up she started to sing in a group and considered the possibility of becoming a professional singer, but she was aware of how difficult it was to succeed in the music world and so decided to enrol at the Universidad Autonómica de Barcelona to study journalism. She left her studies during her second year when she was chosen to participate in Operación Triunfo, the Spanish version Fame Academy.

In 2001 she tried out for Operación Triunfo and after passing many castings was chosen to enter the academy. She was also chosen by Disney to sing the sound track of Peter Pan: Return to Never Land. This fact led her companions at Operación Triufo to affectionately call her 'Tinker Bell'.In 2002, she launched her first album Parte De Mí, winning a triple platinum record. Gisela had the opportunity to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with Rosa and four other members of the Academy. Although they did not win, they achieved a commendable seventh position.After the success of the soundtrack of Peter Pan, Disney offered her the possibility to collaborate on a new version of the main theme of the film The Beauty and the Beast, a film which sold more than a million DVDs. She was cast to play Wendy in the extremely successful Peter Pan musical which was staged in both Madrid and Barcelona. Famous Spanish musical stars took part in this project and with Gisela playing the main role, the musical broke box office records.

Gisela was chosen to represent Spain in the Viña del Mar Song Contest in 2003, with the song Este Amor Es Tuyo composed by Chema Purón. At this contest, Gisela was awarded with two silver seagulls for the best singer and the best song. Gisela went down in the history of the contest to be the first singer to win both awards.After her great success in Chile, her first album Parte De Mí was re-released in order to include the winning song from the contest. This helped her to launch her career in Chile where she achieved another double platinum record. During the summer of 2003, she went on a tour with her companions from Operación Triunfo 1 and 2, what was known as the OT Generation Tour. In 2003 her second album, Mas allá, was released. This album was recorded in Stockholm, Milan and Madrid and meant her debut as a lyrics writer. She achieved another huge success with another double platinum record. Gisela took part in her second musical in 2004 with the renowned producer Jose Luis Moreno. This musical was one of the most seen during the two years that it was on stage. In 2004 Gisela also took part in the dubbing and the soundtrack of the film Barbie; Universal Pictures sold more than half a million copies.

Furthermore, Gisela also sings the main theme of the Brazilian soap opera Kubanacan, a version of the bolero No Me Plactiques Más. She has also sung a version of Football Club Barcelona’s anthem which was chosen as the best of the 2003-2004 season by the public. She has also done the Fantasia concerts, where she sings Disney songs accompanied by an orchestra of more than 30 musicians. In 2006, she launched her album Ni Te lo Imaginas, produced by Jordi Cubino, winning a gold record. In Christmas of 2007, Disney offered her the possibility to participate in the dubbing and the soundtrack of the film Enchanted. Gisela returned to the world of theatre thanks to the production company DagollDagon, who put her back onto the stage to play the main role in the spectacular play Into The Woods, written by Stephen Sondheim. This play is currently being performed in Barcelona.

More than five tours and 300 concerts over the last few years guarantee that Gisela will continue on a career path marked with magic, hard work, discipline and perseverance.