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Singer: Hadise
Year: 2009
Country: Turkey
Song: Düm Tek Tek
Rank: 4
Point: 177

Hadise was born in 1985, in Belgium as a daughter of a Turkish couple. Took her first steps in music with the talent contest Pop Idol in 2003. Being discovered here, her first professional work, the single Sweat was a chart success and gained interest from the Belgian audience. Six months later her second single Stir Me Up was released. This was the song that earned recognition for Hadise in Turkey, where her roots are. Hadise’s strong vocals and high dynamics of the song was acknowledged all through Europe.

Released in September 2005, Milk Chocolate Girl became Hadise’s highest chart runner back then. Including the three singles and a fourth one Ain’t No Love Lost, the first studio album Sweat was completed in the same year. The success of this album and the amazing reception of the next single A Good Kiss brought victory for Hadise at the most important music awards in Belgium: TMF Awards. In the Best Urban National category Hadise was the winner in both 2006 and 2007.

The second self-titled studio album was released in June 2008, including the singles A Good Kiss and My Body alongside Deli Oğlan and Aşkkolik which both went on to be huge hits in Turkey. My Body earned her the biggest critical acclaim she had got so far. Now Hadise is one of Turkey's most popular singers and was consequently chosen to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, with her song Düm Tek Tek.