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Anastasiya Prikhodko
Singer: Anastasiya Prikhodko
Year: 2009
Country: Russia
Song: Mamo
Rank: 11
Point: 91

Anastasia Prihodko was born on 21st of April 1987 in Kyiv, Ukraine. She was educated in the National University of Fine Arts in Kiev.

A kind, smart and friendly girl from Kiev, Anastasia has an interesting and rarely low deep voice like that of an opera’s diva. She has graduated from a music academy, the department of folk vocal.She sings quite unordinary minor songs and folk songs in both the Russian and Ukranian languages.

Anastasia writes music herself and considers that the most successful experience she has had in international festivals was in Bulgaria, where she had taken the third place.

Before choosing to be a singer, Anastasia was trying to find herself and tried her hand at many different musical areas. She is able to play flute, guitar and piano.

Anastasia is very independent and appreciates independence, that is why since she was 15 she has been earning money herself. She pays great attention to critique, always trying to improve herself. Singing is the most important thing in her life, but she also has some other hobbies. These include chess, horse riding and fashion, and particularly likes black outfits.

In July 2006 Anastasia successfully passed all national selections to the Star Factory show directed by the Meladze brothers, and in December 2008 became the winner of the project. After Konstantin Meladze had presented the song Bezotvetno to her she sang it with the famous Russian artist Valeriy Meladze.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Anastasia will carry the Russian hopes of a second successive victory performing the song Mamo, which is written in Russian and Ukranian by Konstantin Meladze, her producer and music father.