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Intars Busulis
Singer: Intars Busulis
Year: 2009
Country: Latvia
Song: Probka
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Latvia will be represented by a well-known artist this year - Intars Busulis who will perform his song not in Latvian or English, as expected but in Russian! FInd out more about this creative genius!

Intars Busulis

Intars Busulis was born on the 2nd of May 1978 and is now a well-known Latvian jazz and pop musician and actor.

In 2008, Intars along with composer Kārlis Lācis released his first solo album with original songs in Russian and Latvian. He performed songs from the album in concerts across Latvia. For months, one of his songs, Brīvdiena topped radio and TV charts. In 2009, he’s already received several important Latvian musical awards and is working on a new solo album in English.

This year, Intars and Sweetwaterz won the Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Probka (Traffic Jam). In 2006, Intars finished second performing Kārlis Lācis’ and Sergejs Timofejevs’ hit, Gonki.

In 1999, he launched boy band Caffe with Raimonds Tigulis. Four years later, he went solo in order to find a musical style of his own. During the same period, he also played in the National Armed Forces brass band and jazz group Wet Point.

Intars eclectic musical odyssey is an ongoing endeavour. He’s performed in jazz festivals in Lithuania, Estonia and France (MIDEM) and in 2005, he joined Danish bass guitarist Erik Mosuholm’s project, E.Y.J.O., as a vocalist and trombonist and performed in Finland (Pori Jazz), Latvia (Sony Jazz Stage) and Ottawa Jazz in Canada etc.

His acting talents have illuminated several musicals including Notre Dame de Paris (2007), Leonard Bernstein’s Mass (2007) and Cabaret (2004 – 2008).