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Christina Metaxa
Singer: Christina Metaxa
Year: 2009
Country: Cyprus
Song: Firefly
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Cyprus' entrant this year is Christina Metaxa who performs a song written by her older brother. She's one of the youngest performers this year but will do everything possible to show the world 'teenagers have the strength to set targets and follow their inner light'.

Christina Metaxa

Cyprus’ entry is sung by 17-year-old student Christina Metaxa. The song is called Firefly and it was written and composed by Christina’s older brother Nikolas Metaxas. The inspiration behind the song was Christina herself.

Nikolas says: “Christina is shy and sensitive and she often needs an extra push to take risks in her life and pursue her dreams, as all teenagers do. Firefly tries to tackle the insecurities and doubts that people often have and give them a motive to take a ‘leap of faith’.”

Christina has many talents and has participated in various singing competitions and school performances. In March this year, Christina had one of the leading roles in a Cypriot production of the musical Mamma Mia. As well as singing, Christina is a talented artist and paints to relax. She also dances and is a member of Diastasis young dancers group, one of the most famous cultural groups in the island of Cyprus.

Christina also writes poetry and children stories and is ready to publish her first book with three stories for children as well as her first poetic collection. She also composed two songs for which she also wrote the lyrics.

Christina was deeply touched and honored by her brother’s decision to write a song for her. Firefly is a song that talks about the importance of having faith in our dreams, the importance of finding the light we have inside of us and of having the strength to take the necessary risks to reach our dreams even if we have to look a bit different than the crowds.

Christina sees participating in the Eurovision Song Contest as one of the biggest challenges of her life so far. She hopes to make her brother and Cyprus proud. Christina says: “I want to show the world that teenagers have the strength to set targets and to follow their inner light despite the difficulties and negative challenges of today’s world.”