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Andrea Demirović
Singer: Andrea Demirović
Year: 2009
Country: Montenegro
Song: Just Get Out of My Life
Rank: 0
Point: 0

Andrea Demirovic was born on 17th June, 1985. in Podgorica, Montenegro.She graduated from the Music School in Bar (piano). As a fifteen-year-old girl she moved to Kotor to finish Music High School (Department-Solo Singing). Now, Andrea is a student of the Music Academy in Cetinje, Department of Music Pedagogy.

Her first public appearance was in 2002 at the festival Suncane Skale in Herceg-Novi, which was the turning point in her professional career. Many more festival appearances followed, in her country and abroad (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia). A few months latter, she made an appearance at the Suncane Skale festival again, performing her hits Sta Ce Mi Dani and Planina, showing how much she has grown as an artist. Her first album, ANDREA, was published in 2006, after two years of preparation.

The songs and lyrics are the work of famous Croatian singer/writer/composer Vesna Pisarovic, but on the album is also one song made personally by Andrea. The CD was published by the biggest publishers in Serbia - City Records and Limark. Shortly after the CD was realised, Andrea's producers from Limark Company presented her to agents of the British company Vord, and these showed a lot of interest in her. Their first project was the offer to make a duet song with Italian singer Massimo Bertacci. Right after that, the successful author team, Mr. Rafael Artesero and Mr. Jose Juan Santana Rodriguez from Spain showed an interest to work with Andrea as well. Three songs were recorded: The Queen Of The Night, And Now and Ley Ley Le, all to appear on Andrea's next CD.

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